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My Back Pain Started After Retirement

I was having an increasingly difficult time with back pain. It started shortly after I retired. I thought I was just as active in my retirement as I was at work, but I had put on about eight pounds, and my back started hurting more and more. It was awful in the mornings as I felt so stuff that going up a flight of stairs really hurt my lower back. I would groan and complain, and my wife made me go see her San Rafael chiropractor. I had never been to a chiropractor before other than to take her sometimes.

I was not sure what to expect on a chiropractor visit even though I had met her doctor before. I was a little nervous seeing the table they use to do the spinal manipulations. However, even tongue depressors at a regular doctor’s office make me nervous. You know those three jars you see in practically every doctor’s office? One has cotton balls, another gauze and the third has tongue depressors. Just seeing stuff like that makes me apprehensive. I am not a fan of any medical procedures. However, after getting through my first spinal manipulation I felt great. Now I am happy to go see my San Rafael chiropractor for an adjustment because I associate the visits with getting relief from my back pain.

The doctor helped me with a diet and exercise to lose the weight I put on after I retired. I have greatly improved since dropping the weight and rebuilding some lost muscle mass. Retirement weight and muscle loss can creep up on you slowly, and it can lead to all kinds of health issues other than just back trouble. A few pounds of extra weight can cause you to head toward Type 2 diabetes as you age. I was having none of that.