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We Had a Great Vacation

It was a really beautiful week up in Paiute Mountains of Utah. I had done a really big favor for one of my clients, perhaps the sort of thing I should not have done since it involved misleading his wife, and he loaned me this beautiful place he has up there. In I ran into this chiropractor in Sacramento while I was up there and I just could not figure out how I knew him. Finally I broke down and asked him if I knew him. He looked at me and shrugged, but then he told me what he did for a living and I told him that I had gone to see about five years ago after I had been in a pretty severe wreck while driving from San Jose to Sacramento. It was an odd coincidence, and of course I was hoping that I would not need to see him when the trip was over.

At any rate I did get in a fairly good wreck, but it was not much my fault. You some times run into novice skiers when you are on the slopes and in this case I crossed paths with a guy who was going about fifty miles an hour. He was skiing in a straight line and clearly was frightened to death. He hit me in the side and threw me off balance. I went head over heels, but then I sat down and it ended well enough. I was lucky, but I did not really feel it. I was mad at this guy who was clearly on the wrong slope. I got over it although the girls had a lot of fun. They are really getting good at skiing, since they have had several trips to slopes already and lots of lessons.